Founded 2001, EMI has demonstrated significant growth as a result of extra effort support to our customers as well as understanding how to properly guide our manufacturers. Our technical sales team are engineers and focus on early involvement with new development projects to maximize the position for our suppliers. Our focused number of manufacturers represented allows for more mindshare and product knowledge, and as a result EMI is one of the top performing representatives in the country for all our suppliers.

Hard working. Reliable. Efficient. Responsive.


Electronics Marketing, Inc. is at the center of growth markets such as automotive, consumer, medical, & industrial and offers a variety of cost effective solutions helping to meet our customer requirements.  Our focus is to provide best in class support to exceed the expectations of our customers and help guide our principals to maximize the performance on all opportunities.

For more information or to set up a meeting with us, feel free to email us at info@electronicsmarketinginc.com with your contact information and area of interest. We will contact you as soon as possible.